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Vehicle Emergency First Aid Kit


Fayamask Vehicle Emergency First Aid Kit has been designed with weight and space in mind, without compromising any of the items on your motorist first aid checklist. Designed in Australia by leading first aid experts, the KIT is even more compact than the Fayamask Vehicle Emergency First Aid Kit. The colour-coded labelling system enables you to clearly identify first aid contents and explains the typical use for each item. This makes it quicker and easier to respond to any emergency situation. The new and improved design for the Fayamask Vehicle Emergency First Aid Kit also features the sophisticated MOLLE system for tailored attachment, new shoulder straps and redesigned zips that are sturdier than ever before, with an extra layer of material on the outside that protects both zips and the KIT’s contents from the elements. Inside your KIT, you will find a personal space section. It’s a meshed area with a zipper that allows you to include specific items or additional first aid contents suitable for your on-road adventure. The improved KIT is also now bigger than ever, with an increased depth and an extra full mesh panel, as well as two new, deep pockets. Add your own insect repellent and sunscreen, or include some personal medications, blister packs or a couple of extra bandages. In addition to the extensive selection of first aid items, the KIT contains CPR instructions to support your first aid training in the case of any on-the-road emergency.
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  • Compact design easily fits in your car glove box or under the seat. Also, perfect for trucks, boats, and other vehicles
  • Manufactured to be tough & endure rigorous travel, hiking, or camping yet lightweight and flexible enough to mould into crammed backpacks and luggage, not easy break or tear
  • Color-coded label design allows for quick location of the needed supplies; Great as a gift for a family member such as a working or travelling son, daughter or parents
  • Extra space for your personal items such as ointments, aspirins, and medications. We don't supply pain relievers as this is usually a personal requirement
  • Each of the contents, such as bandages, gauze mats, swabs, etc. are high quality to help better stop bleeding & blood clotting.

-Material: 600D nylon
-Size: 18x12x28cm(7.08x4.02x11.02inch)

-Perfect for Home, Office, Car, Caravan, Workplace, Travel, Outdoors or any Emergency.
-This kit holds a comprehensive selection of First Aid including Eye Wash, Ice Packs, Plasters, Dressings, Thermal Blanket, Scissors, Variety of Bandages, Wipes, Gloves, etc.
-Portable and lightweight and can be easily stored when not in use.
-The ideal solution for First Aid in an emergency. Astroplast a brand you can trust.

Package Includes:
-1x Green Bag
-1x Ice Pack
-1x Emergency Blanket(160*210CM)
-6x Burn Gel(3.5g/piece)
-10x Plastic bag(L)
-8x Disposable PVC Gloves (1 pair in CPR,L)
-7x Skin Cleaning Wipes (1 IN CPR)
-6x Prep Pad
-10x Safety Pins
-35x Iodine Cotton Swab
-2x Triangular Bandage(96*96*136cm)
-2x Wound Dressings
-1x Hypo Allergenic Tape(1*180CM)
-5x Conforming Bandages(5*450CM)
-2x Pressure Bandages(10*450CM)
-1x Splint(11*46CM)
-6x Non-Adherent Wound Dressings(7.5*7.5CM,Large)
-12x Non-Adherent Wound Dressings (5*5CM,Small)
-1x Combine Dressing
-12x Sterile Gauze Pads (7.5*7.5CM,Large)
-6x Sterile Gauze Pads (5*5CM,Small)
-2x Wound Closures(6*100CM)
-4x Eye Pads
-1x Resuscitation face mask in CPR
-1x First Aid Booklet(A4)
-1x Notepad(A7)
-1x Pen
-10x Splinter Probes
-2x Fever Scan Strip
-1x Shears(14.5CM)
-1x Metal Tweezers(12CM)
-60x Adhesive Dressings Medium(72*19)
-10x Knuckle Bandages
-10x Fingertip Bandages
-10x Sting Relief Pads
-1x Tourniquet
-1x Whistle
-1x compass
-2x Wooden Tongue Depressor


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