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Vehicle Emergency First Aid Kit


The ideal First Aid KIT for every household and workplace, the Fayamask Office/Home Emergency First Aid Kit contains all the items you need to help prepare you for an emergency. From everyday incidents to extreme situations, this is the premier first aid KIT for home, workplace, and outdoor use. Designed in the UK by leading first aid experts, the colour-coded labelling system enables you to clearly identify first aid contents and explains the typical use for each item. This makes it quicker and easier to respond to any emergency situation. The bag itself is coated 600D Oxford polyester, which is durable and water resistant. It’s made with strong zippers and has double stitched handles. The outer KIT can be wiped down with disinfectant liquid. In addition to the extensive selection of first aid items, the KIT contains CPR instructions to support your first aid training in the case of an emergency. Inside your KIT, you will find a personal space section. It’s a meshed area with a zipper that allows you to include specific items or additional first aid contents suitable for your individual household.
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  • Perfect Completed Contents: It almost includes the First aid tools you need, and we carefully calculated what people need in emergency situations, then the Bearhoho 255PCs Compact First Aid Kit comes out, it won't let you down!
  • Labeled Compartments: We designed this compact first aid kit with emergencies in mind. Each section of the bag features our unique Rapid Response Labels, noting the items and their potential uses. Think Quick, Act Fast!
  • Waterproof & High Quality: This emergency first aid bag is made from 600D Oxford cloth with bulky zipper pulls, making it the strongest tactical first aid kit on the market. It is water-resistant and comes with waterproof laminate pouches for your medications. No More Messy, Cracked Plastic Cases!
  • 4.Many Ways To Carry: We design with Buckles, so you can carry it as a handbag, backpack, Crossbody bag, very easy to take it with you. You are worthy to own it!
  • Wide Usages: This first aid kit is stocked with first aid supplies and a range of survival equipment. Versatility makes this first responder kit an excellent VEHICLE first aid kit while the components lend themselves just as well to hiking, camping, backpacking, hunting, travel, boat, car, or another vehicle. From military to civilian!

Adhesive dressings, sterile, individually wrapped - 10 large, 40 small | Bandage shears, 19cm stainless steel | Combine dressing, sterile, 20cm x 10cm | Conforming bandage, 5cm x 1.8m unstretched x 3 | Conforming bandage, 7.5cm x 1.8m unstretched x 3 | Cotton gauze swabs (3 per pack), sterile, 7.5cm x 7.5cm x 5 | CPR card | Emergency blanket, 2.1m x 1.6m in zip lock bag | Eye pads, sterile x 4 | Body Temperature scan strip x 3 | First Aid Booklet | Hydro gel, sterile, 3.5g sachet x 5 | Hypo allergenic adhesive tape, 25mm wide roll | Ice pack (instant), one use only | Nitrile gloves x 5 (1 in CPR kit) | Non-adherent wound dressing, sterile, 5cm x 5cm x 6 | Non-adherent wound dressing, sterile, 7.5cm x 10cm x 3 | Non-adherent wound dressing, sterile, 10cm x 10cm | Note pad (located in back of FAIB) & pencil | Plastic bags (3 sizes) | Pressure bandage, medium weight, 10cm x 1.8m x 2 | Resuscitation face mask, disposable, incl 1 pair of gloves and 1 skin cleaning wipe (in CPR KIT) | Safety pins, 4 large, 2 small | Saline, sterile, 30ml x 4 | Skin cleaning wipes, with cetrimide x 10 (1 in CPR kit) | Splinter probes (5 per pack), sterile x 2 | Triangular bandage, 96cm x 96cm x 136cm x 2 | Tweezers, rust resistant with tip guard, stainless steel | Wound closures (3 per pack), sterile x 3 | Wound dressing, No 14 medium, sterile


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