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Fire Escape Smoke Filtering Mask


🔥 Easy wear and Immediate use. 🔥 Flame resistance and heat insulation. 🔥 Small exhalation resistance. 🔥 Light and Compact with good comfort. 🔥 Excellent visual comfort. 🔥 Protection against smoke and toxic gases. 🔥 Low breathing resistance.
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Structure and performance

1.  The hood is comprised of the parts for flame resistance and heat insulation, it can undergo the high temperature of about 800°C in a short time, and possesses the feature of a big eyes lens and making the wearer look for a clear road to escape. hood has a universal size, and suit for all kinds of head type to wear. Stable and reliable wearing can be ensured by lacing the head harness up.

2. The oronasal mask, which is made of rubber, has a special shape, size, and face seals that suit all kinds of the person's face. The FAYAMASK Emergency fire safety mask smoke hood possesses the advantages of small leakage coefficient, small exhalation resistance, and good comfort.

3. The canister is incomplete air-tight before use, so the FAYAMASK Emergency fire safety mask smoke hood
has the excellent abilities to protect against toxic smoke and gases generated by the conflagration, such as ammonia, chlorine hydride, hydrocyanic acid, nitrogen oxides, hydrogen sulfide, and SO2. It especially has a reliable ability of protection against CO and the suspended particles in smoke.

4. The Fire Escape Mask is a new and innovative low cost – high impact product that has been designed to protect for a minimum of 30 minutes from fire smoke and toxic gases.

5. Total weight: 800g   Packing: Carton box


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