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    Fire disc extinguisher for vehicles & cars. #fayadics


    • Easy, compact, and safe to use by anyone; CE, SGS, and SNAS marked
    • There are no service or maintenance required for 5 years
    • Non-toxic dry chemical powder and environmentally friendly
    • Suitable for any common fire – Class A B C D E F
    • Portable and lightweight.

    100 in stock

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    Targeted: through a large number of data surveys, for the car engine, electric box, and other small and easy to fire space, the product design for the appropriate appearance and to ensure the fire effect.

    2, Rapid response: in the event of a sudden fire, an automatic fire extinguisher in the event of a fire can be the first time to trigger the firing mechanism, in 2-3 seconds to control the fire, the loss to a minimum, the maximum protection of life, property safety.

    3, Easy to operate:

    (1) only need to install the automatic fire extinguisher in advance prone to fire position, in the event of a fire can effectively control the fire;

    (2) automatic fire extinguisher small size, suitable for placing in a variety of small space, In the event of a fire can be the first time to use.

    4, Safe and effective: through repeated experiments, this product can effectively put out A / B / C / E / F fire class.

    5, Warranty period: the product is valid for three years, during which no maintenance is required.


    1, Do not deliberately throw, ignition automatic fire extinguisher.

    2, Do not expose the fire extinguisher to water sources to prevent damage to the fire extinguishing mechanism.

    3, Forbidden to damage, demolition.


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