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FAYAPACK Survival System is a relatively safe, simple, low-cost self-escape backpack that provides most things you need to survive outside your comfort zone comes fitted with a climbing or descent device used mainly for emergency escape for multi-level buildings when needed. The bags pockets are both fire and waterproof to protect and secure your important electronics and documents. It provides you all the tools you need to escape, stay cool, safe, connected and protected.

FAYAPACK Survival System appeal to the following group of customers:
1. High rise residential homes, school, hospital, hotels, and office buildings.

2. High rise industrial facilities such as in tower cranes, overhead crane, cable car;
3. Fire & Rescue Department, Military;
4. Small businesses in buildings with windows or glass panels that can be modified for easy removal;
5. Individual home ownership for families in multi-level apartment — stores in a closet — in many cases requires no modifications to structure.

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  • Premium Kevlar Nomex Material Construction
  • Reflector Material For Night Time Vision
  • Ripstop Nylon Lining
  • 10 YKK Metallic Zipper with Branded Contrast Zip Pull
  • Kangaroo Pockets
  • Water/Flame Retardant Backpack
  • Style Code: F84717


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There are many approaches to high rise evacuation in an emergency. The portability and flexibility of FAYAPACK Survival System provide an efficient and cost-effective strategy to create multiple “Escape Stations” at strategic locations in the building.
This pre-plan approach of providing multiple “Escape Stations” throughout the structure in key locations would enable everyone inside the building ready access to an evacuation system in the event of a life-threatening emergency. It also enables the system to be relocated to another pre-plan safer location away from the fire. The system can also be moved to another office when the company moves to a new premise.

Technical Information:
Provides a continuous automatic lifeline to the ground for buildings up to 300 meters
The speed of descent: approx. 0,6 m/sec – independent of weight
Maximum weight: 150 kg
Weight of the gear: 1,2 kg
Automatic “Hands Off” operation
Measuring the length of rescue rope: distance from ceiling top to ground + 2m
Requires Minimal Training–Easy to Install–Safe & Reliable–Economical


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    Amazing Backpack! This will change the game.

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