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FAYAMASK Auto Fire Extinguisher Ball, Self-activation, Device. #FAYABALL


  • Easy, compact, and safe to use by anyone; CE, SGS, and SNAS marked
  • There are no service or maintenance required for 5 years
  • Non-toxic dry chemical powder and environmentally friendly
  • Suitable for any common fire – Class A B C D E F
  • Portable and lightweight.

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A revolutionary and scientifically proven self – activating fire extinguishing solution for virtually any situation where there is the possibility of a fire starting. Simply thrown into a fire, it will activate within 3 seconds and effectively disperse extinguishing chemicals. When a fire occurs and no one is present, Fire Extinguishing Ball will self-activate when it comes into contact with fire and give a loud noise as a fire alarm. The simplest and quickest fire extinguishing method The Auto Fire Ball is an innovative, pyrotechnic, fire extinguishing device (weight 1.3 kg), with an effective extinguishing range of up to 9 sqm and in some tests knocked down fires in an area of 18 sqm. It is simple to operate and lightweight enough to be used by almost anyone, including children. With the outbreak of a fire, the Fire Ball needs to be thrown/rolled into the source of the fire. A special mechanism activates the ball within 3-10 seconds after coming into contact with fire. When a fire breaks out while no one is present, the Fire Ball is activated upon coming into contact with a naked flame (or a high degree of heat) and extinguishes the fire at the source – while sounding a loud audible alert (as an explosion) – drawing attention to the danger. * Note - For automatic operation, the Fire Ball needs to be installed 10-30 cm above the spot where the fire is likely to combust (e.g. stove or cooktop). The Fire Ball can be used almost anywhere Ideal for schools, hospitals, home, office, factories, warehouses, and even in vehicles. The Fire Ball can be easily placed anywhere: in hallways, corridors, on top of shelves & desks, against the wall, or anywhere with easy access. Due to its unique ability to automatically activate when coming into contact with a flame, electrical cabinets, kitchen stoves, heavily loaded electric sockets, gas cylinders, and other combustible materials.


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