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Firetech Global’s selection of automatic fire extinguishing products is a viable means of fire protection for any industrial, commercial, or residential building — even when you’re not around.

Putting out fires in their early stages has never been easier.

Our line of Fire X fire extinguishing products will self-activate within 3 to 10 seconds of flame exposure, meaning you can prevent a minor flame from becoming a major property fire.

An array of businesses and buildings could utilize this revolutionary fire safety technology to prevent casualties and property losses. Our products go through extensive quality control measures to ensure our products are always a great first line of defense against any potentially deadly fires. Contact us today to become a distributor.

Package Firetech Products To Match Your Company Brand

Since our fire extinguishing devices can be used and placed in any room, we only think it’s fair to provide customers the option to customize.

We offer special personalization for all of our products, meaning your Firetech fire suppression devices can be custom branded with your company logo when you opt to become a distributor of Firetech products.

We’ll provide custom packaging based on minimum orders, and our design team will work with you to provide a unique look that best represents your business.

All Firetech products are printed with the manufacture and expiration date for your convenience.

Not sure which of our products is the right fire extinguishing method for you? Learn more about the advantages of using our various fire extinguishing products here.

Fire Suppression Products to suit your needs

From our lineup of Fire X products to our new Aero X and Sticker X, Firetech Global has an automatic fire suppression system to suit your needs. From residential applications such as household appliances, cars, fuse boxes to industrial and commercial applications such as server racks and IT cabinets and large vehicle engine and battery compartments.

To see which Firetech product is best suited for your desired application, contact us to learn more!

Become Our Partner in Fire Protection Today

Firetech Global is proud to say that our fire extinguishing products are number one on the global market and well ahead of their competing products. We offer a five-year shelf life guaranteed, and no maintenance or servicing is required during this amount of time.

On top of that, our products are manufactured by an automated factory process that holds zero room for error and allows for high-volume orders. You can trust that you’ll have 24/7 fire prevention when you set up Firetech products throughout your building.

If you’re looking to become a well-known name in the fire protection industry, partner with us to develop domestic and foreign markets. Contact us today to become a distributor of these revolutionary fire safety products.
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