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5 Fool-Proof Survival Tips in Case of Fire Disasters

Is a fire exit and survival plan enough for a successful fire escape?

A successful fire escape is more than just knowing the fire exit. Lately, several terrifying wildfire incidents made the headlines worldwide. These reports caused alarms to people to be warier and more vigilant for their own safety. Schools, businesses and companies continue to participate in fire drills and fire brigades. These helps, however escaping safely and surviving from a burning enclosure should be a top priority.

Here are 5 fool-proof tips that is guaranteed to help you escape a burning house.

Never turn off the fire alarm

Always be mindful in maintaining fire alarms. This will alert you in case of fire.  As soon as the fire starts, the toxic smoke may immediately paralyze you in your sleep. Indoor cigarette smoking is a common reason why people switch their fire alarms off. Smoking in general is very dangerous to your health and could even be the cause of fire. An operational fire alarm surely prevents worst case scenarios.

Keep Down at all times

A smart escape plan certainly helps you outrun a burning house. But your plan is good for nothing if you end up disoriented because of toxic smoke. Keeping low at ground level reduces toxic smoke inhalation brought by the fire.  Possessing a respirator mask or fire escape smoke hood are also household essentials in case of fire emergencies. These masks are not just your ordinary face mask. They filter toxic fumes, allowing you to inhale clean oxygen for an hour. The goal is to stay well and alert until you could get out.

Keep Calm and Don’t Panic

Panicking is nothing but a barrier to survival. It is normal to find yourself in a state of panic when it happens. However, being mindful will bring you from point A to B and panicking won’t. Just keep your emotions at bay and trust yourself.

Find the nearest Exit

Your goal should be finding the nearest exit and not getting further in. The worst mistake is to move up and end up trapped. One of the challenges are touching hot surfaces as you move along. Securing a heat resistant gloves will save you from burning yourself and getting trapped. The heat from the surface will not penetrate onto your skin when using these gloves. This only means that your chances from getting trap is now hardly a cause for worry.

Don’t attempt to salvage material things

People trying to save material possessions are commonly the reason why they get trapped inside a burning house. Fire can spread in as quickly as 2 minutes. If you are lucky enough to get out from it, forget about getting back in to salvage your stuff. These might be important belongings but still, it is not worth risking your life over. This is also true when trying to save someone who is still back in. There are fire fighters who are intrusively trained to do that for you. Just trust them with it.

Everyone is at risk for fire disasters. Taking these safety precautions will help you when you need it. It is always best to anticipate and prepare for what is coming ahead. Always be ready with a plan and start investing on survival kits to lessen your worries.


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