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The FAYAMASK personal fire survival kit is a complete fire escape kit that helps the user during any fire emergency. The fire escape smoke hood is usually the most puzzling device in the kit as the shape remind you hazardous gas mask. Most people want to know how long the mask filters air to the best storage for the kit. The piece below is a list of what you can find in FAYAMASK’s Personal Survival Kit.

1. Contents of the Kit
The Kit for Fire escape has 5 necessities which will help you survive the fire outbreak effectively and make it out of the burning building safely. They include;
” The Smoke Hood for Fire Escape – This hood can be used in a few seconds. The entire design filters fumes and smoke for about 60 minutes straight.
” Gloves (Heat Resistant) – the gloves will protect your hands from burning or holding hot objects. With this pair of gloves, you can make it out of the fire premises safely.
” Flashlight with a Whistle – To light up the Flashlight you only have to snap the button to make your way out of the building without stumbling on things
” Blanket (Heat Reflective)- The reflective blankets will definitely reflect away heat radiations as you make your way out of the building. This blanket can also provide ample warmth and shelter once you are out there.
” Respiratory mask- It filters the polluted air with smoke and fumes hence ensuring the safety of your lungs.

  1. How to put on the Fire Mask

The fire mask is well designed to make sure that you can put it on in seconds. Here are the procedures to put on your Fire escape mask effective:

  • Reach out and open the box where the mask is packed
  • Proceed to tear the packing bag
  • Remove both the canister plugs found on both the inside and outside part
  • Place the mask over your head
  • You could pull the strings together to make the mask more stable and tight.
  1. Duration the Fire Mask Filters air

Once you put the fire escape hood over your head, it can filter the air you breathe for about 60minutes. This will ensure that your breathing is stable therefore you can escape the building faster than usual.

At other times, however, if there are long queues of people getting out, move slowly without pushing others. During this time, use your mask if the pathways have toxic fumes and smoke. These Fire masks come with a 5-year shelf life not forgetting the vacuum seal inside the box.

  1. The right place to store your Kit

This now majorly depends on where you spend most of your time. Therefore, the decision of where to store the kit is a personal decision.

For instance, if you spend most of your time in bed and office, you could opt to place one Smoke Hood for Fire Escape right by your nightstand. You could also install some along the hallway or emergency exits out of the house.

  1. Portability of the Fire Escape Mask

The Hood for escape is small and compact meaning that you could carry it with you anywhere. May it be on commercial flights, to the office, anywhere!

In conclusion, the main reason for coming up with the hood for fire escape is to ensure that you maximise your chances of survival. With this piece of gear, you will be at peace knowing you are ready in case there is fire outbreak. All you have to do is grab one of the two, either the Personal Fire Escape Kit or the Escape Mask to ensure both you and your family is always ready.


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