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To escape from a burning building in seconds, you do not have to get mixed up with the kit. You should at least understand how to get over the whole procedure in precisely 30 seconds.

  1. Pulling back the handle in order to remove the mask from the box

To access the mask, you should look out for the red box which states that someone should pull up to open it up in case of any emergencies. Under this sign of pull up, you should slide your fingers and in the direction of the arrow in order to open up the box. From there, you are required to grab the Smoke mask as fast as possible.

  1. Proceed to tear the Vacuum packaging opening

At the top side of the vacuum packaging of the of the firemask, there is the notch cut which makes it easy to flay open the mask ready for use. In that case, you should grab the top part of the plastic packaging targeting each side of the top notch to tear the Plastic vacuum open helping you access the mask.

  1. Then, remove the canister plugs then pull the string making it firm and steamy

Once you have managed to get the mask from the vacuum packaging bag, you should remember to remove the canister plugs before pulling it over and on your head. You simply need to grab and pull the strings out from the plus on the front side of the mask. Using the same string, pull the plug from the inner side of the smoke mask.

  1. Proceed to place the Mask over your head then tighten the reflective straps on both sides.

After unplugging the mask put it down together then positions the mask. This will enable you to place the device for effective breathing through your nose and mouth while still leaving ample space as an option to see through. You can always pull up the strings together if you feel that the mask is loosely held on your head.

  1. Make your escape from the building.

If you follow all given instructions, you could make it out of the building in the shortest time possible. The fire mask especially protects you from inhaling smoke and fumes which have caused 80% of deaths. Just ensure that the kit and mask are in an accessible area like the exit hallway.

With the above article, I hope that you can now understand the different strategies to employ in order to escape apartment fires, the necessary gear, plans as well as aid tools for the same. The purpose of all this is to ensure that you manage out of the burning premises effectively. As well, I hope you understand that everything works correspondently to help you manage out of the building in good time and with minimal injuries. The bottom line however is, never lack a Personal Fire Escape Kit and smoke mask just in case. They could save your day when you least expect.

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