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How To Escape a road accident fire & Smoke emergencies

How To Escape a road accident fire & Smoke emergencies when fuel tanker is involved.

10 things to….

  • Take a deep breath and Stay Calm: Do not Panic as your life depends on it. Panic will cause you to waste precious seconds and make mistakes that could lead to death. Calmness is the only way to carry out your escape plan.


  • Stop the car or vehicle safely & Immediately: If the car is still moving, signal and switch on hazard lights, move to the side of the road if possible and STOP safely. Pull the emergency brake to avoid the car moving after parking.


  • Switch off the engine and to stop fuel flow Immediately – High temperature, engine combustion, exhaust fumes, overheating, electrical sparks, and smouldering fumes can start and constantly feed a fire.
  • Switch off phones and other battery powered devices – Batteries in most of your mobile devices are potential fire starter and are dangerous in a highly flammable environment.

Smoke Mask or Air Filter for Breathing – Clean Air is the most important thing to any human being. Smoke is dark, fast, toxic and hot – Smoke is the biggest killer in most fires. Cover your nose and mouth with a breathing mask or any cotton material.

  • Smoke Ventilation to Avoid Suffocation – Toxic Smoke is dangerous, smash a  window to ventilate the smoke. Fumes can quickly make you fall unconscious, so make sure you have enough breathable air to continue with your plan of escape.
  • Vehicle On Fire Do not open the bonnet-  Toxic Smoke kills faster than fire. Smoke builds up rapidly when the doors and windows are closed, causing a rising heat. Remember until a vehicle will not explode until the fuel tank is empty. Liquids are not explosive but high temperature will turn flammable substance into vapour. Resist any instinct to open the bonnet as fire feeds on oxygen. Try to extinguish the fire if you have a fire extinguisher.
  • Unbuckle or Cut seat belt to Free People– Unlock the seat belt when possible if not try cutting the belt with a belt cutter if available and finally try unstrapping yourself by climbing out of the seat.
  • Open or Break any glass window to Escape– In accidents, doors are mostly jammed and you can be trapped. When this happens, break a window furthest away from the fire and exit that way. Car windows can be hard to break and seat belts can get stuck as well, so make sure you have the proper car safety tools.
  • Exit vehicle and scene as fast as possible  – Fires can rapidly spread, and no matter what personal belongings you may want to save—safety is more important. Don’t waste precious seconds gathering belongings. Remember, you can’t use your belongings if you die.
  • Run as far as possible away from the burning vehicles – Fumes, gasoline, and upholstery can quickly ignite and explode. When this happens, bits of metal, glass, and shrapnel can shoot toward you. Therefore, you need to make sure that you, your family, and any other onlookers are at a safe distance away from the car.
  • Calling the fire department – Emergency personnel are specially equipped to handle vehicle fires, do not attempt to extinguish the flames yourself. Contact emergency personnel immediately for help.

Dos.                                                                             Don’t

Take a deep breath and Stay Calm: Do not Panic

Stop the car or vehicle safely & Immediately:

Switch off the engine Immediately

Switch off phones and other electronic devices

Car On Fire. Do not Open the bonnet.

Smoke Mask or Air Filter – Keep breathing and Stay Alive

Smoke VentilationCrack a window to ventilate the smoke.

Unbuckle or Cut seat belt

Open or Break any glass window to Escape

Exit vehicle and scene as fast as possible

Don’t PANIC whatever you do

Don’t inhale toxic Smoke

Don’t try to open the bonnet.

Don’t smoke any type of smokeable

Don’t take a selfie

Don’t stand in front of the car

Don’t waste time collecting valuables in the vehicles

Don’t try to save others if you are not equipped


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