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A fire outbreak in an apartment means that many people will be needing help all at the same time. In that case, there should be a variety of options. If people can’t get out in the shortest possible time, they could get trapped inside or worse they could take too long and inhale toxic fumes. Being among some of the critical survival situations a person may encounter, you need prior preparation. You may consider basic steps that could prevent the occurrence of fire, but if it still occurs the main aim is to get out alive. Here is everything you need to know.

  1. Have an operable Smoke detector

Smoke alarms will definitely be the first indicators of a fire outbreak in a building. For quick and efficient notifications in case of anything, the smoke detectors should be installed at high places. Let’s say for instance on the ceiling or on high walls, outside each bedroom, living rooms and kitchen.

  1. Check the condition of the electrical cords

Electrical cords are so popular today. Either powering the Blu-ray, Television or PlayStation which more often than not are always tangled up at your media center. At other times it may be laptop or phone chargers which you’ll find hanging around from the nightstand. The bottom line is; you should not assume damaged cords; they are this fastest causes of fire outbreaks in apartments. Actually, there is a record of precisely 51,000 electrical fires from homes yearly. Check on the cords whenever you can and replace each that is damaged.

  1. Check the under rugs Electrical Cords

Everyone thinks that hiding the cords is actually a good way of maintaining a neat outlook in the house. What they do not know is; that could cause problems in the long term. Considering the fact that rugs are made from heavy materials, it could act as a good insulator. In that case, they could obscure heat from passing effectively hence a fire outbreak.

  1. Check the position of the Space Heaters.

During winter especially, space heaters are a favourite to the majority. They are relatively easy to operate and warms up the room in just a few seconds. However, the whole thing could be a fire prospect if not utilized in the right way. Always be sure to place your heater in the right location. Keep at least a three feet distance between the heater and other gadgets in the house. Never let your heater come in to contact with curtains or sheets no matter what.

  1. Check for any obstructions at your Window for Fire Escape

Every second is very important whenever there is a fire outbreak. That means that your path needs to be clear. Not even chairs or tables need to be on your way to the emergency exit. You can as well consult with your landlord and use the hallway to exit if there are obstructions at the emergency exit. Here he may be requested to shift any décor along the hallway to another position in the building to make sure there are no obstacles.

  1. Check how easily your windows can open from Inside.

This is critical if you plan to use the compact fire ladder through the window in case of fire outbreak. Check how easily you can open the windows from the inside. Take your time and test all the windows in the building to get the most effective exit route for escape.

  1. Check for any rubbish or Storage from the Stairwells

As you plan your fire escape Strategy, check the staircase as you lead your way to the exit.  In case things have been left lying around, let the management of the building know so that they can be picked up. You should not waste even a single minute trying to fight your way through obstacles while it is time to evacuate the building.

  1. Check if the exit lights found at the Stairwell are working

The exit lights serve as the best navigation to lead you out of the building. You can also either use the glow stick or flashlight from the Personal Kit for Fire Escape. In the smoke-filled room, the lights at the stairwell will still glow indicating your way out of the building. More to that, check if the stairwell is clear of any garbage or debris. If the lights aren’t working, you can request the building management to replace them.

  1. Make sure you have a plan for escaping in case of fire outbreak.

This is the best way to predetermine escape strategies from all the rooms in your apartment towards the main exit. This ensures that you waste no time when you are required to evacuate the building after fire outbreak. If still, you have no plan, make one as soon as possible. This includes notifying the whole family of the plan and the role of each person in case of fire outbreak.

  1. Check the Accessibility of the Escape Kit for Fire escapades

When this fire alarm goes on and its time you find your way out in the shortest time possible, you should be in a position to get hold of your Escape Kit for Fire Outbreak or Mask. This kit has a smoke mask that gives you 60minutes of inhaling filtered air as well as use the glow stick to find your way and signal other members of the family during your escape. Just make sure wherever you choose to store your kit, it can be accessed either next to your bed or on the pathway to the exit.

With this checklist, you will avoid any occurrence of fire in the apartment you are living in right now and still help you escape from the building safely. Fire escapes are never easy, I won’t lie. This is the reason why you should do everything in your effort so that you and your family can successfully vacate the building.

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